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Lazio awaiting Kamada’s decision: will it be a renewal or a farewell?

Decisive Weeks for Kamada at Lazio: Will He Stay or Leave?

We’re closely watching the unfolding situation at Lazio as Japan’s Daichi Kamada gears up to make a potentially career-changing decision by May 30. The versatile midfielder has a renewal clause in his contract, and with less than three weeks left, the question hanging in the air is whether he will choose to continue with the Lazio dream, or seek fresh opportunities. Since Igor Tudor’s takeover, Kamada has played consistently with marked progress, aside from a single missed match due to injury. Based on reports from Corriere dello Sport, Kamada needs just a fraction of the time left to reach a well-thought decision.

Kamada and Lazio: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Formerly at Eintracht, Kamada’s current conundrum is one of weighing the good and the bad in his Lazio stint. The arrival of Tudor heralded a steady rise in the duration of his playing time. Additionally, he has won a fair share of trust following challenging months. The renewal clause, if activated by Kamada will extend his contract for another three years.


A Promising Progress under Tudor’s Leadership

Lazio’s expectations are high for Kamada, banking on his continued commitment. The leverage Tudor has awarded him might be a game-changer, considering the fact that he was seemingly headed toward the exit not too long ago. As per an account by the daily sports newspaper in Rome, Kamada only skipped one match out of eight under Tudor’s management due to injury. In the remaining seven, he racked up 523 minutes, nearly half of his 1124 minutes under Sarri’s previous 40 matches. Before Tudor’s arrival, Kamada seemed out of sync with the team, appearing listless and disconnected on the field. Today, however, he is at the heart of Lazio’s operations, exhibiting performances reminiscent of his time in Eintracht.

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The Path Forward for Kamada

The ball is now in Kamada’s court. Could he choose to stay, activating his contract’s clause by May 30? Or could he allow the clause to lapse and renegotiate the terms of his contract with Lazio? The club is hopeful for an expedited resolution to plan for the future with or without the Japanese midfielder at the helm.


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