Luis Alberto spiega l’accaduto in seguito alla contestazione dei tifosi della Lazio


Luis Alberto Speaks Out About Lazio’s Fan Dispute

Luis Alberto, the Spanish midfielder, has recently taken to Instagram to clarify the controversy that transpired during and after Monza-Lazio’s game. Below are his specific comments:

Words From Luis Alberto

The player explained the events that unfolded during his encounter with the visiting fans post the Monza-Lazio match. He disclosed, “During yesterday’s confrontation with the fans in Monza, I did not receive any threats. The fans motivated us, pushing us to give our all until the end. I’ve always had, and will always have, a good relationship with the fans. Forza Lazio.”

Affectionate Relationship with Fans

Luis Alberto emphasized on the strong bond he shares with the supporters. The former Sevilla player stated that he has always had an excellent rapport with the fans, a relationship that he intends to maintain. This message comes as an assurance to the eager supporters awaiting resolution of the recent dispute.

Meaning Behind “Forza Lazio”

To conclude his statement, Luis Alberto echoed the team’s rallying cry “Forza Lazio”. This assertion implies his commitment and attachment to the team, driving home the point that he is all in for the club despite any controversies. It’s a testament of his allegiance and shows his readiness to better performances for the team.

This public address by Luis Alberto is a crucial step towards mending the strained relations following the Monza-Lazio game. His assurance of a lasting and cordial bond with the fans is expected to calm the simmering tension and strengthen the team’s spirit in upcoming matches.

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