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Nicola to Dazn on Lazio Empoli: “We worked hard, we deserved more”

Davide Nicola, the Empoli coach, expressed his dismay after the Lazio – Empoli football match, stating that his team deserved more for their efforts in a post-match interview on Dazn. His comments highlight the team’s resilience despite the outcome of the game.

Disappointed But Not Discouraged

Despite not scoring, Nicola emphasized that his team’s overall performance was commendable. He noted, “Our build-up play was impressive, and I look beyond the mere details. We need to maintain our commitment and emotional distance from the goal. Our performance was remarkable, and we deserved to gain something.


Bridging the Gap

Nicola’s players showcased their ability to compete at a high level, diminishing any perceived gap in the league standings, “The boys showed that the gap in the standings is not as vast as it seems. We’ll continue to fight until the end.”

Room for Improvement

Despite their effort, Nicola admits that his team had areas that needed improvement. “We conceded a few goals from set pieces, but we were overall organised. We could have reacted better in today’s match. However, perfection in all aspects is not always attainable. We don’t focus on being favoured by particular situations; we don’t want to rely on such things.”

di Vittorio Chirico

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