Serie A 2024-2025 official dates, useful information, dates and complete calendar



Dates for Serie A 2024 2025: From Start to End and Everything in Between

The Serie A 2024 2025 season is upon us! What’s in store from the start and finish dates to the match calendar lottery, and the coordinated pauses for national teams in between? Read on to uncover the critical details about the upcoming Serie A 2024 2025 season.

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Serie A 2024 2025 Overview: From Start Dates to National Breaks

What to expect in the forthcoming Serie A calendar as it wrestles with the new Champions League format. It now features not just six group stage matches, but eight. Coupled with the commitments of four teams in the Italian Super Cup and various national breaks, the calendar is getting increasingly tight.

The new Champions League format could stretch the commitments of the participating Italian teams until the coming January, making the calendar central to defining the dates for the next Serie A season. The group stage draw is slated for August 31, 2024.

The Serie A 2024 2025 Season: Start and End Dates

  • Given the European Championship set for the summer, the Serie A 2024 2025 season is expected to kick off on the 17-18 August weekend.
  • The date when the upcoming Serie A championship will conclude is yet to be announced.

Envisaged Breaks for National Teams

  • After the third matchday of Serie A, the first break for national teams is scheduled. In anticipation of Italy’s Nations League fixtures against France (September 6, 2024) and Israel (September 9), the championship will pause until the subsequent weekend, 14-15 September 2024.
  • While it’s yet to be made official, the Serie A League reportedly plans to maintain matches over Christmas holidays for the upcoming season, thus reducing the amount of midweek rounds. With the new Champions League format, teams will be involved from Tuesday to Thursday, making this solution highly feasible.

The Draw Date

The date for the upcoming Serie A match calendar draw has not been announced yet. Tentatively, the event is planned to occur in early July 2024.

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